When I was pregnant, my husband asked me what I would want as a push present, token of his appreciation for the birth. He thought of a "LOVE" bangle and what would I think of it? In me, as a jewelry designer, everything resisted this bangle design, and at the same time I cherished for a long time the desire to own a beautiful bangle. But how should this look like...

Since my earliest childhood, I remembered the Push Present that my mother had received for my birth. My mother often told me the story of my birth and pointed to the elegant watch she had received as a gift. For my 18th birthday, she gave me the said watch. It was one of the most beautiful gifts I could have imagined.

A piece of jewelry that tells my story....

For my first birth I also wanted to get something special, with which I could keep this unique moment forever in memory. It should be something high quality, but at the same time something everyday, and with a personal touch. A piece of jewelry that tells my story.

Mami_Sohn_Liebe_Elegantes_Mami_Mutter_KindColours of Love Armreif Kinderwagen Armreifen Geburtsgeschenk Pushpresent
While searching for ideas, my thoughts kept drifting back to the "LOVE" bangle. I thought about what I didn't like about it and what I would do differently as a jewelry designer. The proportions (not stylish enough), the thought that it wouldn't come off easily (horrible, especially as a mom), the stud-like design (a bit trashy, in my eyes?), and last but not least, that practically everyone had it (real or knock-off).

Unique color codes of love....

I thought about what I would do differently and how I could manage to add a personal touch to this bangle. I wanted it to be unique, like so many of my jewelry pieces.

I had many ideas, but nothing captivated me like the thought of making something with my son's birthstone. Birthstones have always enchanted me, magical and individual. I thought about how it would look if we depicted each family in the colors of the birthstones. Beautiful and unique color codes of love would emerge. I couldn't wait to put my family (husband, myself, and my son's potential monthly stones). At first I was almost a little disappointed, as I would have liked to see "nicer" colors and at the same time skeptical if I would want to see these colors on my wrist every day?

Well, I still liked the idea and so I pursued the design project. I defined the perfect proportions for my bangle, the perfect balance between stone size and bangle width/thickness. I also considered a clasp system and drew the spacing of the stones that blended almost seamlessly into the bangle. To the chagrin of my stone setter, my wish is one of the most difficult ways to set stones. Only true masters can accomplish this setting art.
I tinkered with the perfect proportions for several months and invested in several prototypes.

As gold color it should be my bestseller "the champagne gold". The champagne gold looks wonderfully harmonious and elegant.

Armreif Bangle in Champagnergold Rosegold mit Geburtssteinen Birthstones

Shortly before the birth, my goldsmith had both "eligible birthstones" in the studio. When he received the news of the birth, he was able to get to work.

When I was allowed to take the finished bangle out of the atelier, it almost made me speechless, so beautiful it was. And the colors, which were irritating at first, blended so harmoniously with the metal. There were even a few tears of joy when I held it in my hands for the first time and was allowed to put it on, so much love and energy I put into this piece of jewelry. The color code is my family! The "icing on the cake" was my husband's love dedication in his own handwriting on the inside of the bangle.

A Push Present (birth gift) is a gift that the partner or family gives to the mother for the birth. The buzzword "Push Present" may be new, but the tradition behind it is from long ago.

Geburtsstein Armreif mit persönlicher handschrift Gravur Pushpresent with handwritten engraving

It has been almost a year now and every time I take a look at my bangle, I see my family. Each stone, a loving person. I could even imagine, God willing, becoming a mom again. Often my eyes wander to the bangle, to the space behind my son's birthstone, and I dream of which stone may one day be added and how it would change the color gradient forever.

One piece of jewelry, many stories

It didn't take long for my birthstone bangle to become a best seller. I was allowed to give many consultations and recommendations. And with each conversation, my clients gave me a glimpse into their own personal family history. Their joys, their dreams but also their losses. Among them beloved deceased parents or star children.

But what makes this piece of jewelry so special?

How many women experience, besides the wonderful emotions of being a mom of a healthy child, also great pain and sadness when they suffer a miscarriage or lose a child. A loss that the women often carry silently in their hearts. I find it all the more beautiful when my jewelry reunites the entire family even during these tragic experiences and serves as a mourning piece for the wearers in the same process.

"I love that all three of my children are reunited on my bracelet, even though only two are still alive. Now we are one again and all the world sees that I am a mommy of three children" -a quote from one of my valued customers.

How do you like my design and what was your PushPresent?
Leave me your story in the comments, I'm looking forward to it...

"Me, Myself & I" Edition

Du bist stolzer single und investierst in die Beziehung zu dir selbst? Wieso nicht einen Armreif mit deinem persönlichen Geburtsstein und diesen zelebrieren? Das wunderschöne Muster soll dich jeden Tag an deine Stärke und die Liebe zu dir selbst erinnern.

Colour of Love - Geburtsgeschenk Edition (PushPresent)

Nichts wird eine frischgebackene Mutter glücklicher machen, als ihre geliebte Familie jeden Tag auf ihrem Armreif zu sehen. Jeder Farbtupfer ein geliebter Mensch. So einzigartig wie die Familien, sind auch die Farb-Codes die daraus entstehen. Ein wahres Unikat.

"Single" Edition

Aktuell noch single, aber in deinem Herzen weisst du, dass du eines Tage eine Familie haben wirst. Lasse deinen Armreif mit deinem Leben wachsen. Deine Geschichte startet mit dir, und sei gespannt welche weiteren Geburtssteine für Mann und Kind/er folgen werden.Eine Familie, ein Schmuckstück.

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