Bespoke Service

Exclusive & Limited

Do you have a special jewelry dream, do you want a redesign of an old piece of jewelry or do you want a piece of jewelry made in consultation with Giselle?

Then you are at the right address. One of our Client Advisors or Giselle will be happy to take care of you personally.

Giselle says:
As a former artist, there is nothing better for me than to make a very special piece of jewelry for you. My clientele tells me that I have a sense of perceiving them as a whole person with everything that makes them tick and creating a piece of jewelry that completely fits them. I often hear during the handover, you have felt what I want. before I could consciously put it into words myself. To see the tears of joy of my customers at the handover fills me with pride and for this I live and create. My jewelry creations should touch, tell stories and once preserve a piece of us for our descendants.

Our GISELLE HAUTE COLLECTION is made of 18k gold, platinum, diamonds and precious stones.

Mermaid ring

A ring like from another world. Its main stone, a Mermaid Sapphire is one of the rarest types of "Teal Sapphires". In my eyes, this stone will be the next big engagement ring trend.

Serpant redesign

Old stones re-staged. The stones from the first piece of jewelry given as a gift were to be incorporated into a new statement ring. The customer had always wanted a snake ring.

Emerald Diamond Ring

The customer wanted a special emerald diamond ring. The choice fell on a Lab diamond to get even more out of the budget. A dream come true.

timeless & elegant

"I don't just create jewelry, I transform emotions into timeless works of art that will last generations."

Start your own project

duration ca 1-5 months

Step 1 - first contact
The GISELLE team discusses your wishes with you and evaluates whether it is suitable for a Bespoke project. For smaller projects a Client Advisor will take care of you. For larger projects or upon request, an appointment will be made with Giselle personally.

Step 2 - Consultation (virtual or on-site)
Giselle will get to know you better in this first meeting and clarify all important questions and wishes, in order to then work out the perfect piece of jewelry for you.
Giselle's goal - to exceed your expectations.

Step 3 - choosing the right stone
Through her experience and best contacts in the diamond and gemstone industry Giselle will support you with all your questions and explain what should be considered to make a decision. By asking questions, Giselle will be able to find out which stone fits your priorities and desires.

Giselle will personally search for your stone and will also visit your dealers several times a year to find the certified diamonds of the desired quality. Our goal to get the most for your budget.
We lead, you decide!
The matching design will be presented by Giselle using photos and sketches. If desired, we can also make a 3D visualization.

Step 4 - your jewelry is created
Your stones have arrived and the design is also defined! Then our goldsmith and stone setter will work on the realization of your piece of jewelry. Giselle will control this process until the successful delivery. It will only be released when Giselle is 100% satisfied!

Step 5 - Delivery & Shipping
The most beautiful part, the delivery. Once again, you sit down comfortably with us, receive your personal treasure and enjoy a glass of champagne to celebrate the day.
If you can't come in person, we can also send you the jewelry insured by courier.

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Diamond Lounge

a place full of beauty and elegance. We invite you to visit us to discover our unique jewelry and choose from our exquisite diamonds and gemstones. Enjoy a personalized consultation, tailored to your needs by one of our experienced experts.

Treat yourself to some time out and immerse yourself in the magical world of the treasures of this earth. Our Diamond Lounge provides the perfect environment to relax and admire the exquisite craftsmanship of our designs.

We recommend making an appointment in advance to ensure that we can provide you with the best possible experience without waiting.