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Antique diamonds

Antique diamonds are windows into the past that tell us stories of eras gone by. From the romance of the Old Rose Cut to the unique allure of Old Mine Cuts, each diamond has a unique story to tell.

What are Antique Diamonds?


Antique diamonds, also known as vintage diamonds, are unique gemstones that were extracted from the earth and cut by hand between 1500 and 1930. They are a historical legacy that gives us a direct glimpse into times gone by, when the art of diamond cutting relied on craftsmanship and individual expertise.

It is important to distinguish between antique diamonds and "antique style" cut diamonds. Modern cutting techniques can mimic the style of an antique cut to some degree. However, you can usually tell the difference between a modern cut "antique style" diamond and a genuine antique diamond. The beauty and uniqueness of an authentic antique diamond are incomparable and surpass that of modern imitations.

Throughout their long history, these diamonds have taken many shapes and cuts, each possessing a unique fire and sparkle. Their unique character makes them not only treasured collectibles, but also coveted pieces for jewelry lovers and connoisseurs around the world.

Question Giselle

Is more carat better?

No, the carat alone does not determine the value of a diamond. Between the same carat weight there are large price differences, because other factors such as cut, color and clarity must be considered. Therefore, the beauty and value of a diamond is not primarily defined by the carat alone.


There is no right or wrong here. It depends on the wearer.

Most of our customers are attracted to 1ct-2ct (visually). But there are also ladies who prefer a large size from 3ct, or the complete opposite, ladies who want a small mini stone (about 0.05ct).

If you have no idea what your beloved wants, then I recommend you to buy a diamond from 0.50ct to 1ct. Even with petite women this does not look too big and should the woman want a bigger look, you could do a so called upgrading.

Diamonds are measured in carats. One carat is equal to 0.20 grams.

For a medium budget we recommend as a good standard quality color G/H and Si1.

For white gold & platinum, choose G in any case. For rose gold and yellow gold, an H is also quite legitimate, as the stone takes on a certain yellow tint due to the alloy anyway.

With Si1, you can expect an "eye-clean" diamond. The inclusions are especially visible under a magnifying glass.
However, we do not recommend going below Si1. The inclusions can be visible to the naked eye and can severely diminish the sparkle.

You want to buy an engagement ring, wedding ring or jewelry with installment? We will be very happy to help you fulfill your wishes. The service is handled by a third party, Heidipay. Up to 10k (absolutely without interest) can be obtained in up to 12 installments.

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