Choose the right ring size

You don't know your ring size or you want to find out your partner's ring size secretly?
There are a few easy ways to find outyour ring size.

Using a ring sizer

The easiest and safest method is to measure the ring size with a ring sizer.

Here you can find our Ring Sizer

Using the circumference of your finger

One of the easiest ways to determine your ring size is by measuring the circumference of your finger. To do this, take a piece of thread and place it tightly around the part of the finger where you want the ring to sit later.
Make sure that the thread still fits over the knuckle.

Then cut the thread exactly where the threads meet at the end. Measure the piece of string with a ruler and determine your ring size using the table below.

Using the inside diameter of a ring

In this method, you take a ring that fits you well and measure its inner diameter. Using the table below, you can quickly and easily determine your ring size.

Ring size Finger circumference Inner diameter of the ring
47 47 mm 14,97 mm
48 48 mm 15,29 mm
49 49 mm 15,61 mm
50 50 mm 15,92 mm
51 51 mm 16,24 mm
52 52 mm 16,56 mm
53 53 mm 16,88 mm
54 54 mm 17,20 mm
55 55 mm 17,52 mm
56 56 mm 17,83 mm
57 57 mm 18,15 mm
58 58 mm 18,47 mm
59 59 mm 18,79 mm
60 60 mm 19,11 mm
61 61 mm 19,43 mm
62 62 mm 19,75 mm

Measure your finger circumference towards the end of the day. Avoid measuring when your fingers are cold or hot.

If you fluctuate between two sizes, better choose the larger one.