Diamond Education

4C'S - Purity (Clartiy)

The clarity is a measurement for the natural occurrences of inclusions in a diamond. The inclusions are evaluated according to visibility, number, position and type under tenfold magnification.


Diamonds are judged by their natural occurrences of inclusions. Inclusions are impurities inside a diamond. The inclusions are like the fingerprint of a diamond and always unique.

FL diamonds are Flawless
IF diamonds are Internally Flawless
VVS diamonds (1 and 2) have Very, Very Slightly Included inclusions, Very Slightly Included)
VS diamonds (1 and 2) have Very Slightly Included
SI diamonds (1 and 2) have Slightly Included
I diamonds (1, 2 and 3) are Imperfect

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With too many inclusions, it can affect the refraction and reflection of light, which can make a diamond appear cloudy. You are on the safe side with a VS2 and higher, except for step-cut diamonds, which require VS1 and higher. But if you want a Si1, I recommend to buy it only from a specialist, so you don't get a bad surprise in the end. Si2 and lower is not recommended in my eyes. It affects the sparkle of a diamond too much.

Cut (Cut)

The biggest and most important factor in the appearance and sparkle of a diamond. Besides the different types of cuts, the cut especially means how the light is refracted in the diamond.


The color means, among other things, the natural coloring of a diamond.

Carat (Carat)

The carat refers to the weight of a diamond. Not, as many mistakenly think, the size.


There is no right or wrong here. It depends on the wearer.

Most of our customers are attracted to 1ct-2ct (visually). But there are also ladies who prefer a large size from 3ct, or the complete opposite, ladies who want a small mini stone (about 0.05ct).

If you have no idea what your beloved wants, then I recommend you to buy a diamond from 0.50ct to 1ct. Even with petite women this does not look too big and should the woman want a bigger look, you could do a so called upgrading.

Diamonds are measured in carats. One carat is equal to 0.20 grams.

For a medium budget we recommend as a good standard quality color G/H and Si1.

For white gold & platinum, choose G in any case. For rose gold and yellow gold, an H is also quite legitimate, as the stone takes on a certain yellow tint due to the alloy anyway.

With Si1, you can expect an "eye-clean" diamond. The inclusions are especially visible under a magnifying glass.
However, we do not recommend going below Si1. The inclusions can be visible to the naked eye and can severely diminish the sparkle.

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