Jewelry that lasts for generations

GISELLE's values are woven into every handcrafted piece that leaves our workshop. They reflect the dedication and aspiration to create jewelry that goes beyond the merely decorative and carries deep, lasting meanings and connections.


Quality that will stand the test of time

Our jewelry is made of 18k gold and the finest diamonds and is crafted with the utmost care and precision. We pride ourselves on creating jewelry that is not only timelessly beautiful, but also long lasting. Because we believe that jewelry should not only be a joy for the moment, but a legacy that lasts for generations.

Ethics & Fairness

Beauty with conscience

We attach great importance to ethically correct manufacturing processes. Our diamonds are conflict-free and our gold is sustainably sourced. By working directly with diamond cutters and mines, we can guarantee not only fair prices, but also the highest quality. At GISELLE, luxury goes hand in hand with responsibility and transparency.

Design & Craft

Swiss craftsmanship - feminine design, meets ancient craftsmanship

Each of our jewelry pieces is a product of traditional Swiss craftsmanship. In our manufactory in Zurich, we combine traditional techniques with the latest technology to create jewelry of the highest quality. Our product lines do not follow current trends, but offer precious and simple jewelry creations that you can wear every day, for every occasion, for a lifetime. True beauty is in the detail, and that is why we never lose sight of it.

timeless & elegant

"I don't just create jewelry, I transform emotions into timeless works of art that will last generations."

Investition in Luxus

in seiner wahren bedeutung

Bei GISELLE betrachten wir Schmuck nicht als blossen Konsumartikel, sondern als einen Luxus, der Menschen, Gefühle und Momente für immer bewahrt. Jedes Schmuckstück sollte sorgfältig ausgewählt werden, damit es die richtige Investition ist und ein Leben lang Freude bereitet - sogar der nächsten Generation. Dann ist es kein Konsum, sondern wahrer Luxus, der ein Leben und eine Familie bereichert. Unsere Schmuckstücke verkörpern das Motto: "Investiere in die Schönheit der Ewigkeit."


Unsere Liebe und Leidenschaft für Schmuck ist in jedem unserer Designs spürbar. Wir glauben, dass jedes Schmuckstück eine Geschichte erzählen und Emotionen wecken sollte. Deshalb gestalten wir jedes Stück mit Liebe zum Detail und Hingabe zur Perfektion.

Our values at GISELLE are at the heart of our work and give each of our jewelry pieces its unique character. Quality, ethics and fairness, design and craftsmanship, passion - all these aspects flow into every detail of our work, from the first design to the finished piece of jewelry. Our philosophy is reflected not only in the material values of our jewelry, but also in the emotional connection our customers make with each piece they purchase.

GISELLE is not only about luxury and aesthetics, but also about authenticity and durability. Every piece of jewelry you purchase from us is a tribute to our values and an investment in a legacy that will last generations.

Let's walk this path together and celebrate true beauty in all its facets.

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